Green Bursam Association gave full support to rail system investments

Green Bursam Association gave full support to rail system investments
Green Bursam Association President Muharrem Karabulut stated that they fully support the rail system and tram investments carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality for urban public transportation.
Green Bursam Association's 2. Muharrem Karabulut was re-elected to the presidency at the ordinary general assembly meeting. President of Green Bursam Association Muharrem Karabulut, reaffirmed confidence in the general assembly. The association's Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Center was elected unanimously by the chairmanship of Muharrem Karabulut at its ordinary general assembly held at the Gölpark facilities. Muhsin Özlükurt, Neslihan Çelik Alkoclar, Atilla Borcgan, Orhan Dogan, Ozer Yavuz, Ismail Fedai, Fahriye Bozat, Emre Gokcadir, Firdevs Deymen, Talip Ayngul, Emre Varlik, Nurcan Ozdemir, Kazim Sarnik and Mehmet Ali Isik took part in the Board of Directors. Füsun Yaşar, İsmail Öztat, Ercan Özel, Hüseyin Şahin, Cemal Vardar, Özce Öztürk and Kemal Baloğlu were elected to the disciplinary board. The supervisory board consisted of Haluk Çaruk, Serkan Taşkıngül, Filiz Oktay, Refik Kayhandemir and Fatih Çelik.
The members of the Green Bursam Association decided to fully support the rail system investments in the city. Muharrem Karabulut, who was re-elected for the third time in his role as the president of Green Bursam Association, reminded that Bursa is a bridge between public administration and public administration in order to solve their problems. Karabulut, urban transportation and transportation problems in the metropolitan municipality for the solution of the problem of rail and tramway projects are fully supported said. Karabulut reminded that the problems experienced in the central streets of Bursa due to the construction of the railway system are temporary, and that the tram will start to work and that there will be significant relief in urban transportation and traffic flow.
Karabulut, who worked for the solution of the problems of Bursa and expressed thanks to those who produce and serve the projects for this cause, said, bu As Green Bursam Association, we congratulate those who serve Bursa and thank them for their work. We are willing to carry those who serve this city on our backs and carry them on our heads. However, the pretext of serving the city and deception, their seat and those who think of the future, as in every issue, we will continue to ask for account on behalf of Bursa, Fakat he said.

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