Weird Trace

Weird Trace
Antalya-Konya-Nevsehir-Kayseri railway which is targeted to 2023 year is continuing its technical trainings. between political considerations and the small, stump, the spiral of regional nationalist understandings siyasi
As it is known, zero kilometers of the high-speed train line starts from 2,6 km east of Dosemealti district of Antalya; Kayseri Incesu 564. Ends in kilometer Kil
Line; Kepez, Aksu, Serik, Manavgat, Akseki, Ibradi'da after passing through the borders of Seydisehir ez
The line running from the 600 m northwest of the Gökçehüyük village is located in the 400 m southeast of the center. Karabulak, Boyalı, Bostandere and Karacaören continue to enter the borders of Konya through different distances from settlements to the settlements alı
The station is; The line is 191. And it is planned and planned to make 193 kms, that is, the free space at the opposite of the transformer substation (Karabulak) Ve
So the Republic 100. It is a gigantic project that aims to grow on the anniversary of the foundation, but according to the information I have received during the studies, there are feverish studies about changing the route dönüm
In this sense, the Seydisehir public respects the decisions made by the relevant institutions of the state and respects the decisions based on technical data.
and while in a while, the subject is taken to a very serious extent in some backstage ve
I think that the route of calculating the rantability to the finest details is nothing more than surrendering the politics to the ambition and regional nationalism, and damaging the state, because the bad results of such approaches are hidden in the retrospective experiences of the parties who share the same region and social life in a friendly way.
The hollow organized industrial zones, where the trillions of the state are buried and only 10 kilometers between them, are one of the most striking examples of this iras the manifestation of populist policies Devlet
The fact that the Faculty and Vocational High School in Beyşehir is left under the structure of Selçuk University and the Faculty and Vocational School in Seydişehir will be connected to Necmettin Erbakan University is the result of calculating the same bedbin mantality Bey
82 years ago in 1928 to talk about a proposal made to the Ministry of Public Works, starting and ending in the high-speed line of the high-speed rail line to talk about the existence of a line that has nothing to do ...
It is an equally populist reality in claiming it as a superiority by riveting it with altitude and lake tourism etmek
The extracts;
In the last autumn, the project consultant of the Karatay City Council meeting hall was attended by the relevant institutions and organizations at the EIA meeting; According to the opinions received from the relevant institutions and organizations to revise the project to be finalized, by the project consultant to be informed by the company;
In the same date and time, I will leave the same public for the evaluation of the opinion of the public.

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