Financial Times suspected bridge privatization tender

Financial Times suspected bridge privatization tender
The Financial Times interpreted Prime Minister Erdogan's cancellation signal for the bridge tender as "casting doubt on the future of the country's second largest privatization."
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's signal for the cancellation of the bridge tender held in December had an echo abroad. The Financial Times newspaper, Turkey's Erdogan's remarks "that cast doubt on the future of the second largest of the privatization," he wrote.
Business newspaper Financial Times, "Turkish Prime Minister's winners konsonsiyu Turkey's Koc Holding, the largest group and contained uem'y in Malaysia, the country's second largest cast doubt on the future of the privatization," he wrote.
Noting that Prime Minister Erdogan stated that more than 5.7 billion dollars offered by the winning consortium could be provided, the newspaper expressed the following view:
"Mr. Erdogan's words, Turkey was the major allegations in infrastructure and previously customization done sincerity of the relationship at a time when trying to overcome a mixed track record of success, there may be a greater impact for infrastructure financing.
In this context, according to the news that the third airport tender for the planned Istanbul to be held in May and Channel of projects such as Istanbul reminded, European Reconstruction and Development Bank Country Director for Turkey, Michael Davey, that stated that the bridge will find Turkey in the next 10 years 200-400 billion euros of infrastructure needs He emphasized the importance of the tender.
Saying that “we see it as a business that can be financed relatively quickly” for the bridge project, Davey also used his words “It would be a good message for the market”.
On the other hand, the British newspaper pointed out that the shares of the two Turkish companies in the consortium fell on Monday afternoon, in the news that Erdogan stated that he was not satisfied with the size of the winning bid.
The newspaper, the consortium stated that Turkey's stance that any official information coming change the direction, uem'n "official process of privatization, the Privatization High Council continues the process and we're watching carefully" saying that was passed.

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