CSOs in Giresunda

CSOs in Giresunda
A meeting was held in Giresun Federation upon the developments in the railway project that will connect Eastern Anatolia to the Black Sea.
In the statement made at the end of the meeting where the most important non-governmental organizations of Giresun came together, it was stated that the railway tender that will start from Erzincan and go to Trabzon via Gümüşhane should be made in a way that includes Tirebolu.
In the joint statement made by Giresun Federation, Giresun Foundation and Tirebolu Associations Federation, “While it is certain that the railway tender that will connect Eastern Anatolia to the Black Sea will be concluded in Trabzon via Erzincan-Gümüşhane, it is natural and pleased to choose Trabzon, which is the center of our neighboring city and the region. is giving. However, our expectation here is a connection road to Tirebolu. We want the main line of the connection road that will come to Tirebolu with a separation on Gümüşhane to be included in the scope of the tender ”expressions were used.
In the statement emphasizing the sensitivity of the principle of equality in regional development, it was pointed out that if Tirebolu is not included in the tender, a serious problem will arise in the public opinion.
In the statement, “In case Tirebolu is not included in the project, all non-governmental organizations of Giresun will make an effort to warn the competent authorities in an organized activity. The activation of the Tirebolu line will create an economic recovery for Giresun. The railway-port connection, which is the obstacle in front of the line, will be overcome with two projects. It is said that if a new port to be built in a suitable area in Tirebolu or Giresun Port becomes operational, the railway line will be finalized with the Giresun connection.

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