EGO Card in the Capital is Born Electronic Smart Card System is Coming

EGO Card Becomes History in the Capital Electronic Smart Card System Is Coming
EGO cards used in the city bus, Ankaray and metro in Ankara are a thing of the past. Instead of these cards, "Electronic Fare Collection System", which is an application similar to the electronic card system used in public transportation in Istanbul, will be used. Thanks to their electronic cards, the people of the capital will be able to travel comfortably by loading as much money as they want and getting rid of the trouble of searching for tickets.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will hold an important tender that will please the people of the Capital in the coming days. The General Directorate of Electric Gas and Bus Operations (EGO) will make the tender for 'Public Transport Electronic Fare Collection, Route Vehicle Tracking, Camera and Smart Stop System Establishment and Operation' on March 5. The company, which will receive the tender to be held in the EGO General Directorate Administrative Committee meeting hall, will operate the electronic fare collection, vehicle tracking and smart stop system for a period of 10 years in public transportation vehicles. The companies that will participate in the tender with a Muhammen price of 186 million 906 thousand 712 TL + VAT must give 3 percent of this amount (5 million 607 thousand 201 TL) as a bid bond. At least two are willing to participate in the tender in public transport operations in Turkey, in the municipality must be at least 2'şer years have made the işletmenlig of electronic toll collection system.
The fare collection system used in municipal buses, rail transport system (ANKARAY and metro) and other public transportation vehicles under the control of the municipality will be replaced by the 'Electronic Fare Collection System'. EGO cards will be replaced by 'Smart Card'. In the new ticket system prepared as a Smart Card, the ticket will not need any contact with the machine like Akbil in Istanbul. It will only be enough to show the machine to the machine, so that the passenger will be able to get on public transport in a short time. In addition to the system, it will be possible to ride on public transportation vehicles with "smart cards" as well as "Dıt cards" similar to credit cards.
In addition, within the scope of the system, the 'smart stop' application will be launched in the municipality's public transportation vehicles. Passengers will be informed about the route. A camera system will be installed in the vehicle. Başkent Card applications will be arranged to be valid in credit card type, also in places where payment will be made such as fairs, stadiums, parking lots and prepaid counters.
There is a total of 2 bin 18 EGO buses that serve Ankara people. EGO buses, making a daily average 9 thousand kilometers, 2012 3 million 213 thousand 758 thousand kilometers of the expedition.
EGO buses preferred by the average daily 600 thousand people carried 213 million 967 thousand 430 passengers last year. In Ankara, EGO buses 5 are carrying 55 or 375 passengers in the region. 3 bin 729 is open and 614 bin 5 stops and 343 bin 4 is in service. We also have 200 private public bus and 380 private public transport in the 8,5 region. In addition, Ankara Metro (11) Dikimevi-AŞTİ line with 1 station in 14,6 and 12 station is located in the capital and Ankara Metro (M1) Red Crescent-Batıkent rail system lines with 2012 kilometers are located. In 37, the 862 million 314 bin 1 was transported by 56 million 631 thousand 842 passenger rail systems, including the A1 line and the 94 million 494 bin 156 MXNUMX.

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