Durmazlar Certified for Domestic Metro Car Production

Durmazlar Certified for Domestic Metro Car Production
We were the two journalists who went to Selahattin Adıgüzeller before the silkworm was down.
We had received very detailed information from Taha Aydın who carried out the project on behalf of Metropolitan Municipality.
After three hours of information with the participation of the Mayor Recep Altepe, we saw the silkworm, which was wrapped in the bone, and finished with the photos.
That excursion took place in the headline with the title ği Metal Silkworm Here O.
In the intervening period, Silkworm came out of the factory and then taken to the fairs in Europe.
Soon it will be on the streets of Bursa.
Altepe's süreç we are going to do Alt process is almost completed.
The last praise was received two days ago by Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Çelik.
The success achieved in İpekböceği brought Bursaray, which inevitably provides travel on separate rails.
The wagons used in Bursaray, which will extend to Kestel, were used in Holland.
This was the subject of criticism.
Obviously, everyone has a similar question.
A local subway car, like a local tram, cannot be built?
Both of them are moving on rails.
Both have similar characteristics.
Of course, the walking parts may be different.
Considering the difference between subway stations and tram stops, it can be said that two similar vehicles are separated from each other at this point.
The information coming from the municipal sources, the local tram Ipekböceği'nın similarity with the acceleration created a work for local metro cars vay
Recep Altepe, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Recep
Mesafe Significant distance has been recorded.
They didn't, they got a certificate to build a subway car.
The tram needs a more detailed study.
Metro is using an isolated line.
Therefore it is much easier to make a subway car than a tram v
The walks of the high-speed train will be built in Bursa and presented to the world markets Bursa.

Source: Yusuf KAYIŞOĞLU - www.olay.com.t is


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