The railway bridge will no longer turn into a lake | Adana

Six of the railway bridge will no longer turn into a lake

Deputy Chairman Zihni Aldırmaz, who examined the work of ASKİ, said that not a drop of water will accumulate under the railway bridge from now on.
Adana Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (ASKİ) continues the main collector work carried out under the railway bridge around 17 neighborhoods and provinces against floods. Deputy Chairman Zihni Aldırmaz went to Denizli Neighborhood and received information from ASKİ General Manager Abdülkadir Küreksiz.

Zihni Aldırmaz said, “The main collector here comes from the western treatment, it will continue until the train bridge around the province. When the work is finished, there will be no flooding under the train bridge with 17 neighborhoods that are flooded with every rain. Next winter, on a rainy day, I will call my journalist friends under the train bridge and have tea with them. Everyone will see that not even a drop of water will accumulate, ”he said.

Zihni Aldırmaz stated that they built 2.5 kilometers of main collectors in 105 years in their duty, and drew attention to the fact that 10 kilometers main collectors could be built in Adana in the last 152 years. Zihni Aldırmaz stated that they are continuing to separate the rainwater and sewerage system in Adana and they plan to complete this work as soon as possible.

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