On Friday, Aliaga expedited an elderly woman

On Friday, Aliaga expedited an elderly woman
The incident took place on the railway near Buruncuk neighborhood of Menemen on the way to İzmir on the way to İzmir. Allegedly registered in the population of Aliağa determined that the resident of Foça Azize Caliskan (06.00) protection irons removed from the railway used by trains wanted to cross the railway IZBAN wanted. In the meantime, the train that carried out the campaign of Aliaga Friday, not realizing the train to the old woman hit the railway. The tragedy of the train killed the unfortunate woman on the scene. Elderly woman's underpass was built over the railway for water accumulation in the underpass was specified. Menemen Gendarmerie Teams came to the scene after the security of the environment after the investigation by the prosecutor after the old woman's lifeless body Menemen State Hospital morgue was removed.

Source : www.aliagaekspres.com.t is


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  1. she was the mother of a very close relative ... she was an old woman and her eyes hard to see, fake news, this woman can never see the puddle on the ground at that hour and died of negligence because she was not protected….