Subway Coverage Between China and Spain

Subway Coverage Between China and Spain
The Spanish CAF, which lost its Chinese competitor in the tender for the purchase of subway sets worth approximately 400 million dollars, held by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments under the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, does not let go of the tender. The company brought the matter to the judiciary.
The General Directorate held a tender for the purchase of 5 new subway sets on March 324 last year. Chinese CSR Electric Locomotive won the tender with 391 million 230 thousand dollars. The Spanish CAF, which made the second highest bid with 321.8 million Euros in the tender, filed a complaint with the Public Procurement Authority. CAF argued that the Chinese CSR Electric "did not provide the required qualification documents in the tender, the evaluation process for this was not operated". The JCC rejected the complaint by majority vote and granted a visa to the tender. CAF filed a lawsuit against the decision of the PPL at the Ankara 3rd Administrative Court. The court rejected this request. CAF appealed the decision. The District Administrative Court approved the CAF's request. The JCC suspended the execution of the decision. The decision raised questions about the subway sets expected to be put into service at the beginning of next year in Ankara. In accordance with the tender winning company has to set up factories for the production of metro cars in Turkey.

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