Noise curtain between Nergiz and Demirköprü stations of İZBAN

Noise curtain between Nergiz and Demirköprü stations of İZBAN
A pilot project was launched at the request of citizens. With the noise curtain to be drawn between Nergiz and Demirköprü stations of İZBAN, the noise will decrease by 45 percent.
Izmir Karşıyaka The ministry launched a pilot project when citizens living in Nergiz and Demirköprü districts of the district complained of noise pollution caused by İZBAN and TCDD trains. A state-of-the-art noise curtain is installed in the 200-meter section of İZBAN between Nergiz and Demirköprü stations. Thanks to the project carried out by the tender opened by the TCDD 3. Regional Directorate, the noise pollution created by İZBAN trains will decrease by up to 45 percent.
The latest technology
Ahmet Turhan, the Chairman of Stat İnşaat, who carried out the project, said that the noise-canceling panels produced using concrete and fiber materials are state of the art. Turhan said, “The noise pollution caused by freight trains and İZBAN trains was causing trouble in the region. Upon the complaint of the citizens, we implement the pilot project as a result of the tender of our ministry. With the project, the decibel value of the noise emitted by trains will be significantly reduced and noise pollution will be prevented. ” Turhan noted that following the work between Nergiz and Demirköprü, the same noise screens will be drawn to the İZBAN line, Menemen station approach area.

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