BURULAS will take its low base rail vehicle with its own budget

BURULAS will take its low base rail vehicle with its own budget
On the T-1 tram line, which is on the agenda of Bursa, it is now in the tender for the purchase of a row wagon.
Between the sculpture-İnönü Street-Uluyol-Kent Square-Çarşamba-Stadium-Altıparmak tramway tramway line works were going on, while the history of the wagons to be used on the route became clear.
BURULAŞ, the transportation company of the Metropolitan Municipality, went on the tender for the purchase of 1 pieces of low-cost tram cars for use on the T-6 tram line.
The tender 15 is awarded by 19. according to the open method will be held in the center of Odulluk.
Except for the consortiums, all domestic and foreign manufacturers will be able to bid.
In the specification, 15 will be advantageous in terms of the price of domestic quotations with high quotations.
Following the contract, BURULAŞ stipulated that the 6 wagon should be delivered in pairs at the latest within 10 months.
In this case, the wagons will be delivered to BURULAŞ by the date of the local elections of 2014.
Companies with a minimum annual output of 9 will be able to submit a capacity report to the tram car tender.
Tender, as other domestic-foreign companies, manufacturing in Bursa, and the first prototype test tests announced that passed Durmazlaris expected to join with the Silkworm.
The Metropolitan Municipality has allocated 2013 million to the 50 budget for the wagon purchases to be operated on the rail system lines.
However, the BURULAŞ 6 will receive its low base rail vehicle with its own budget.

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