Fish trip in Bursaray wagons

Fish trip in Bursaray wagons
Can Bursaray expeditions be reduced to 2.5 minutes? Because the occupancy of Bursaray wagons is almost confused. Because of the crowds, we sometimes have trouble getting down at the stations. Descending passengers hit others, crushing each other's feet. That's why I've even witnessed an argument. I think there should be an 2.5 minute between the Arabain-Acemler, the Acemler-University and the Acemler-Emek. I would like to convey my distress about the supply lines. I live in Üçevler neighborhood. The B-5 bus runs 31 every minute, except for the morning and evening hours. Even when the 30 is a minute, there is no standing even in the evening, the driver can sometimes pass the passengers waiting at the Ataevler station and the Imtihan Field stops. In order to avoid these problems, I use the 20-F line for the locations I can reach with Bursaray, such as Nilüfer Carrefour, Kükürtlü, Sırameşeler, Merinos, Şehreküstü and so on. For this reason, I want to increase the number of times of B-6 line. This is the common problem of all residents and has not been solved for years.

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