Bursaray wagons don't search the north pole

Bursaray wagons don't search the north pole
Previously, the same complaint was made hundreds of times, but I still can't understand why BURULAŞ keeps air conditioners in Bursaray wagons in the ice-cold weather. I think BURULAŞ officials do not know that the season is winter and the months are February San
As was the case many times before yesterday morning (19 February) 08: 57 I went to the train from the bus station to go to the car, the car was like ice and the air conditioner was working very hard to understand the noise.
Believe it, those who have the opportunity to sit on the edge of the glass, the heads of their heads, wrapped in shawls. But I can argue that those who don't get the chance to fight with flu or pneumonia. We've learned to 'complain' from him repeatedly that there is no point in complaining to Vatmana. When I called BURULAŞ, they asked for the code of the train and said that they would be checked.
What I don't understand is how, despite the fact that we complain every time and report the train number, these air conditioners can still work according to their head. WELCOME TO BURULAŞ these notifications af Let the bag fill the bag bildirim do you take? If the problem is malfunction then I want to say:
… If these wagons that we bought are brand new, they will be with wagons 30 from the Netherlands kadar “

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