Purchase of additional wagons to Bursaray line

Purchase of additional wagons to Bursaray line
4 Your article with the title of lar There is a confluence in Bursaray wagons yazın in the Olay newspaper dated February 2013 was examined by the relevant units. BursaRay serves in the form of 4 wagons during the day. Wagon reduction is made only for energy savings during the days when passenger density decreases. Between the stations of the Arabayatağı - Acemler station, 5 serves every one minute, while the 10 serves between Arabayatağı - Üniversite, Arabayatağı - Emek stations. Existing wagons are not available at more frequent intervals. Work has begun on the purchase of additional wagons. It was also ensured that the number of flights of the B / 31 line was increased to the Project Coordination Center and evaluated.
Metropolitan Municipality Press and
Department of Public Relations

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