Rail System Studies in Bursa

Rail System Studies in Bursa
Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the city's rail system in terms of the best period, he said.
Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, the city's rail system in terms of stating that they are in the best period, the rail system 4 per year, the remaining 20 year, they said they carried out work.
Altepe hosted the contractor firm Comsa Chairman Jose Miarnau Montserrat, who laid the rails on the sculpture garage T1 tram line, Antonio Blanco, the company's director of construction works, his deputy Juan Antonio Ensena and the infrastructure limited director Marcos Aguilar.
Stating that they attach great importance to rail system investments in Bursa and that the city is an important brand city known with rail systems, Altepe emphasized that the T1 tram line project is one of the most important projects of Bursa.
Altepe stated that tram lines were laid for the first time in the city center.
“We started this with Comsa, if our first work is good, the next ones will continue at the same pace. It is an advantage for us to work with an experienced company that has done a lot of work in different countries of the world. The job is delicate. We want it to be completed in the best way and our citizens to be satisfied ”.
The tram lines will be laid in other parts of the city in the future and the project will be completed as soon as possible, indicating that the Altepe, the project, the city's northern region of Yalova road, then the city's east, as well as the west will be moved, he said.
Stating that Bursalılar welcomed the works with great uneasiness in the first days, Altepe stated that when the remaining parts of the line laying are completed and the vehicles start to reach the rails, everyone will make a request to lay a tram in their own area.
- "Over 4 years in 20 years" -
Pointing out that the transportation of the city can breathe with rail systems, Altepe said:
“This period was the best period of Bursa in terms of rail system. In the rail system in 4 years, we have carried out more than 20 years of work. Bursa is an important brand city associated with rail systems and we want it to be a center in this field. Many cities follow Bursa. When the project here is completed, there are cities that will start this business after us. Especially the production of rail system wagons that we started in Bursa drew attention to Bursa as an important step in this regard. For these reasons, the fact that companies experienced in fields such as the rail system have a strong foot in Bursa will be an important reference for those companies. We want everything to be solved from Bursa in the rail system. When it comes to the rail system, Bursa started to come to mind. The mass production of the high-speed train bogie will also begin next month. "
Comsa Chairman of the Board of Directors Montserrat said that the tram project will be completed in the best quality and on time. Stating that they know the importance of the project for both Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa, Montserrat stated that they were very impressed by Bursa.
“The city is very dynamic. It is a very active city not only for the railway sector, but also for all other investments. If we look at the railways sector, it would be very good if Bursa develops urban technology like other countries in the world. Bursa's branding adds a lot of value. We always want to show the most sincere support in this way. Our company, which has completed 120 years, is a very experienced company that has continuously worked on railways. We would like to support Bursa in any subject that interests you, and we are ready to cooperate ”.
Mayor Altepe later gave gifts unique to Bursa to his guests.

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