Metro and YHT lines will be integrated

Metro and YHT lines will be integrated
With the Başkentray project, 110 million passengers are planned to be transported annually. Integration with Ankara Metro and High Speed ​​Train will be provided.
Başkentray, Metro and YHT lines will be integrated. With the Keçiören subway, it was decided to make connections in Ankara Gar, with the Batıkent metro station, Yenişehir Station, and Ankaray with Kurtuluş and Maltepe stations.
Kayaş-in Xinjiang between the metro standard suburbs in terms of population with the construction of the business of passengers in the western part of the city's growing and evolving will build a modern station in the order to ensure their riding up and down the yht'y arriving in Ankara Train Station.
Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Sivas High-Speed ​​Train projects are planned to be integrated into the city via the Başkentray Project, which is planned to carry 110 million passengers annually.
2,5 a train per minute
With the signal system to be installed, 2,5 will be able to operate a commuter train in minutes. The Ankara-Sincan section of the Başkentray Project is planned to be completed in 15 months and the Ankara-Kayaş section will be completed in 18 months.



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