The capital will be integrated with metro lines

The capital will be integrated with metro lines
Başkentray Project will be integrated with existing rail systems in Ankara city. A connection will be made with Keçiören metro at Ankara Gar, Batıkent metro at Yenişehir Station, and Ankaray from Kurtuluş and Maltepe stations. A modern station will be built in Emirler in order to ensure that the passengers of the western region of the city, which has been growing and developing in terms of population, have descended to YHT before coming to Ankara Train Station, with the construction of suburban management at the metro standard between Kayaş and Sincan.
There will also be places to be held in the new garda passenger services and shopping places. The suburban line will be separated from transit railway traffic and will be transformed into a more functional, high standard, comfortable, safe and preferable transportation type for time, operation and user. With the signal system to be installed, 2,5 will be able to operate a commuter train in minutes. The Ankara-Sincan section of the Başkentray Project was planned to be completed in the 15 month and the Ankara-Kayaş section will be completed in 18 months.

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