Pending post for Balçova Teleferik Tesisleri

Pending post for Balçova Teleferik Tesisleri

The resumption of Balçova Teleferik Tesisleri 5 has failed due to canceled tenders over the years, the end of the difficult process. Ankara 14. STM System Ropeway Assembly and Tourism Co. of the Administrative Court. When the decision to sign a contract with the Metropolitan Municipality, the company will be at the table.

The tender, which was decided to be held on January 5, 2007 for the ropeway facilities, which was closed on the grounds that there was no safety of life and property with the report prepared by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers on November 7, 2010 by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was canceled due to the Christmas holiday. In February 2012, 10 million 225 thousand TL worth STM System Cable Car Assembly and Tourism Inc. had won. However, upon the objections of other companies, the JCC also canceled this tender. Upon the cancellation of the tender, while İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made a new tender on June 7, 2012, STM took the decision of the PPL regarding the cancellation of the tender to the court. Ankara 14th Administrative Court found the objection of the firm to be justified and suspended the execution of the decision of the KİK, which canceled the tender. The JCC sent a letter to the Metropolitan Municipality and asked the Ankara 14th Administrative Court to implement the 'suspension of execution' decision. Thereupon, the Metropolitan Municipality canceled the 4th tender for which it received its offers. Meanwhile, the JCC objected to the decision of the Ankara 14th Administrative Court for the stay of execution before the Regional Administrative Court, while the Regional Administrative Court lifted the decision of the Ankara 14th Administrative Court for stay of execution. While the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality decided to start the tender preparations again, the Ankara 14th Administrative Court canceled the decision of the PPI, which was suspended first. This paved the way for the construction of the facility. Now the next article is expected from the GCC.

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