Balçova cable car 6 has been waiting for years to make cable car to Kula district

Balçova cable car 6 has been waiting for years to make cable car to Kula district
While the cable car in Izmir Balçova, which has not been maintained for years, is expected to be opened as soon as possible, the construction of the cable car in Kula created excitement in the district.
While the residents of İzmir have been waiting for 5 years for the Balçova Cable Car Facilities, whose tenders have been canceled for various reasons, to be put back into service for 53 years, the Mayor of Kula deserves to be the XNUMXrd member of the geopark network in Europe. kazanHe announced that the fairy chimneys in the district of An will be reached by cable car.
Mayor Selim Aşkın, who told about his projects to Yeni Asır Newspaper Regional News Manager Ali Kayadibi and Yeni Asır Manisa Bureau Representative Ali Filizkan, said that Kula, which is called "Burned country", is a starred district.
Search for income in tourism
Kula's economy will increase employment and strengthen the presence of the President of the most powerful noted that the geological structure of Love, "in Kula, Turkey's first, was declared the world's 53 geoparks in the region. All kinds of infrastructure services that will ensure the comfort of tourists are included in our projects in the geopark area. We set out with the slogan 'Kula Burn Country Katakekaumene'. We got his registration. ”
Kula's rich history and cultural heritage intact Selim of Turkey and Chairman explained that the time has come to introduce the world of love, gave the following information: "Every place has its era. Now it's Kula's era. Tourism investments project is ready. 2013, preparation period. Revenues from tourism will increase. We raise awareness of our citizens in this direction. Everyone should take responsibility. As Kula Municipality, we evaluate all kinds of investments that come to us on these issues and provide necessary assistance. ”
Explaining that efforts are being made to adopt the service sector in the district, Mayor of Kula Selim Aşkın said, “The number of people visiting Kula will increase with the geotourism project. We must prepare for tourism with our human resources, physical areas and historical values. Roads, cafeterias, restaurants, viewing terraces will be built in fairy chimneys and geological areas. A cable car will be set up to climb the fairy chimneys. The projects prepared for all these were brought to the tender stage. We made an offer to the Anemon Hotels chain regarding accommodation, ”he said.
Kula connected Yurtbaşı beginning of the fairy chimneys in the village, an area that is inscribed in the area dating back to the canyon in Salihli Sindel village, marks the first leg of the modern man, Kula historic homes, Divlit Volcano, the youngest volcanism in Turkey extinguished, lava flows, It was declared as a natural park area within the scope of the Geotourism project that includes the Sandal and Black Divlit Volcanoes and the Yunus Emre Tomb.
The fairy chimneys are located on the northeast side of Burgaz village and Gediz river.

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