Ankara will be taken to the coffin

Ankara will be taken to the coffin
Due to the fact that the AKP's Melih Gökçek didn't do for 15 for years, the tender for the Ankara Metro, which the Ministry of Transportation had undertaken, was scandalous. It was determined that the Ministry was trying to buy subway wagons that were not clear how reliable the brake system was. The court stopped the tender.
The General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications opened a tender last year to buy locomotives and wagons for the Ankara Metro. The tender for “Ankara Metros Vehicle Purchase and Commissioning Work” was made on 14.02.2012. CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co. awarded the tender with open tender method for 391 million 230 thousand dollars. company kazanwas.
Construcciones Y Auxiliar De Ferrocarriles SA (CAF), which was involved in the tender, stated that the tender was made irregular, and a contract was signed with a Chinese company on 13 August 2012. Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim, 1 next year China will focus on the efforts to achieve the bilateral strategic cooperation, the Chinese government of the Republic of Turkey 3 billion dollars in loans in the first place given to the Treasury, he said.
The Spanish company CAF, in its appeal to the JCC, said that the Chinese company did not provide the following documents, indicating the safety of wagons and haulers:
- Maintenance Periods Table and Maintenance Expenses Table,
- Reliability Plan in accordance with EN 50126 standard,
- Cost of Life (LCC) study,
- Energy Consumption Table for all loads,
- All brake calculations for force-speed graphs and all brake modes within the scope of Traction and Brake Performance and Acceleration data,
- Structural Design (Collision Scenario and Load Values) calculations,
- Traction System Performance Calculation and Simulation Table,
- Complete brake calculations for the brake pads for the replacement of the brake pads and all brake modes. ”
The JCC, which evaluated the objection, determined that the Chinese company did not provide the documents requested in the specification. However, the scandal made a decision, arguing that these documents were not included in the administrative specification and did not need to be circulated and rejected the Spanish company's objection.
Erik Demirtas, one of the members of the JCC, emphasized that en Considering that the safety, safety, reliability and longevity of the Ankara subways should not be compromised with quality, the vehicle should be preferred in the operation which will not cause any problems lülük.
According to the news of Yurt newspaper Mehmet Demirkaya'nın; Demirtas then urged the Ministry to send the file to the Ministry for the investigation of the irregularities in the tender. Demirtaş's hesitation about this issue is as follows:
It is stated that the tender commission is required to submit an annex to the proposal and that the information and documents included in the technical specification are not submitted by the tenderer who is not submitted by the tenderer; Due to, 4734 of the Law No. 60. As it was understood that the operation was contrary to the provision of the article, it was concluded that this situation should be notified to the Ministry to which the contracting authority is attached, in order to ensure that necessary examination and evaluation is made about those responsible. desi
Following the refusal of the JCC, the Spanish company filed a lawsuit for the annulment and execution of the GCC decision in the Ankara Administrative Court. Ankara 3. He denied the request by the Administrative Court to stop execution at 02.11.2012. The company also objected to this decision. In the 5 December 2012, the Ankara Regional Administrative Court, which had dealt with the objection, abolished the rejection and stopped the tender. The court determined that the JCC did not even look at the minutes of the tender documents requested by the tender commission and decided that the JCC decided accordingly.
Upon the decision of the court, the JCC abolished the decision of the company to reject the objection of the company and launched an investigation on the merits of the tender.
If the JCC makes a decision of cancellation for the tender, then what will happen next.

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