Ankara Kızılay Metro Station Mini AVM

Kızılay Metro Station, which is one of the most densely inhabited areas in the capital, responds to the many needs of citizens with its branch offices, social activity areas and shopping centers.
AŞTİ is a popular destination for those wishing to reach many districts of Ankara. The capitalists can pay their bills for natural gas and water, theater lovers are able to buy tickets, have a pleasant time at the art center of the Metropolitan Municipality, convey their opinions about city life in survey centers, need for blood. they can ask for help.
Un Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Blood Announcement Center key constitutes one of the most important points of the subway station that provides the capital to the capital city with its social responsibility.
The center, where both the capitalists are easily accessible and reach out to many citizens and get help, runs to the help of the citizens who need urgent blood. At the same time, 11 ANKARAY and 12 Metro stations in the capital make blood announcements at the same time. Thanks to their helpful and sensitive citizens, the center helps emergency patients waiting in hospitals and helps to save lives.
The center, which has been serving in the Metro Metro Consultancy ”section of Kızılay Metro Station, which has made a total of 1860 announcements for citizens who need blood in various groups last year, speaks to sensitive citizens in Metro and ANKARAY stations for emergency patients every day.
Citizens coming to the Red Crescent Metro Station (Metro Information Center), which became the first address of the citizens who had emergency patients or relatives waiting for surgery, had the most publicly announced blood announcements last year. The second most wanted blood group in the center was 0 rh (+) and the third group was A rh (-).


The capital city of Ankara is located in the center of Ankara, where you can enter and exit all over the Kizilay and enjoy the shopping in the hot weather in the cold weather and cool in the summer months.
For easy access to the destination, Metro and ANKARA, who want to use Metro and ANKARA, are able to visit the exhibitions where there are various subjects in Metro Art Gallery, fill the natural gas and water cards, bank ATMs, a large variety of small shops that cater for all ages, ranging from the need to change the EGO card to the different needs of the security personnel in this area can find an answer to the continuous task.
The most demanded part of the Kızılay Metro Station, which includes the survey center that the citizens ask the opinion of the citizens for the work of the İŞ-KUR point and the Metropolitan Municipality, is the Ticket Tolls of the Metropolitan and State Theaters.

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