A First Rail Systems Engineering in Turkey

A First Rail Systems Engineering in Turkey
The Rail Systems Engineering department, which was opened as a result of the cooperation of TCDD, Karabük Iron and Steel Factories and Karabük University, will enable Karabük to transform into a Rail System Valley.
I went to three institutions cooperate in Karabük and the Balkans, the Middle East and Turkey meets the majority of rail production Karabük took an important step to convert a rail system in the valley.
As a result of the initiatives, the Department of Rail Systems Engineering was opened in Karabük University (KBU). TCDD, KBU and KARDEMİR aim to create a rail system institute in Karabük by working together in solidarity.
Karabük, which is very suitable for being a valley of rail system and has a high potential in this area, is carrying out serious works in this direction. The work started with the rail-profile rolling mill in the KARDEMİR factory followed by the rapid train rail production. Currently, KARDEMİR factory not only meets the needs of TCDD rail but also exports to many countries.
Rail Systems Engineering, a first in Turkey also opened with KB and KARDEMİR cooperation. The train systems that will be trained in this department will be specialized in many fields from engineers to soil mechanics, geology, infrastructure to control systems.
In addition, a rail system institute is established within the campus of KBU. While the final deficiencies are completed for the completion of the institute, an 3 km rail track is installed in order to carry out the tests and analyzes required by the sector.

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