İZBAN Maintenance Workshop will serve to Turkey

İzbe Care Workshop will serve to Turkey
It is reported that İZBAN's 77 thousand square meter maintenance workshop in Çiğli will serve rail systems in other cities after a while.
In a written statement from İZBAN, it is stated that all possible failures and maintenance of the 43 train set of İZBAN from the facility in Çiğli are made by the state-of-the-art devices, and that each set that is resolved in the shortest possible time is able to recover its position in the enterprise.
the first time the system used thanks to the failure in the train in Turkey detected in more store-and it has been reported, the recorded statement taken care of without delay train at all, according to the information from the diagnostic system at the center while the malfunction, wheel turning and measurement, spark test and change, shock absorbers, air cushion and spring controls, axle repairs, such as operations were expressed.
In a statement, the square and used in terms of technology, Turkey's largest maintenance workshops, High Speed ​​Train sets by specifying the wheel changes the done and the Izmir Metro developed with wheels turning in cooperation with the maintenance workshop, the future of rail connections in other cities in the period was reported to carry out repair and maintenance.

Source : www.haberciniz.biz

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