Malatya speed train feasibility studies will start at 2013te


Malatya speed train feasibility studies will start at 2013te
AKP Malatya Deputy Ömer Faruk Öz met with railway unions and employees under the leadership of the Railway Work Union. Öz announced that feasibility studies will be conducted on high-speed trains in Malatya in 2013.
To the breakfast meeting held at TCDD Family Club; AKP Malatya Deputy Ömer Faruk Öz, AKP Malatya Provincial Chairman Bülent Tüfenkçi, State Railways 5th Regional Director Üzeyir Ülker, Railway Work Union Malatya Branch Head Nurettin Öndeş, representatives of various unions and railway workers attended.
Ömer Faruk Öz, who made a speech at the meeting, stated that the project yıl High Speed ​​Train ite of Malatya was taken into the investment program and the feasibility studies will be started in 2013.
Expressing that they care about the railway and that they work in this direction, Öz said, bundan The railway work is no longer able to meet the needs of our era with the technology of 100 years ago. Now there are technologies such as high-speed train, accelerated train. Because it is very important to reduce the costs of using time very quickly. Here, we should not just look at passenger transport. Today, Malatya, Ankara, 14 hour is going. But the 2 clock will last for 15 minutes when high speed train is activated. This is important in terms of time. I want to say that rather than human transport; Malatya became a metropolitan city. We do not wish Malatya to be metropolitan on paper or signage. We expect Malatya's organized industry to go much further. Mal
Öz emphasized that they should make the railways attractive and said:
Gerekiyor When we look at our geographical conditions, there is no sea transportation in Malatya and we need to make the railway attractive as business world. In this context, in line with our 2023 targets, Malatya's ult high-speed train project UM was included in the investment program. But 2023 is the final target, so we don't want it to stay on 2023. At this point, we made the necessary negotiations. I hope that the necessary feasibility studies will be started within 2013 year. İn
AKP Malatya Province President Bülent Tüfenkçi said that during the AKP rule, the railways were given great importance.
Tüfenkçi, railways in recent years, the amount of investment, State Airports is almost equal to the amount of investment in investments, he added.
State Railways 5 Regional Manager Üzeyir Ülker noted that the railway has been forgotten for 50 years, but significant investments have been made in the last 10 year. 10 5 in the region within the year with the most filling region with 2012. We are in first place. And again with 24, we are the first in the regions within the investments. Although our number is 65, my quality may well be a number. We are a candidate for a number Biz.
Railroad Work Union Malatya Branch President Nurettin Öndeş brought the problems of railway workers to the agenda. Providing information about the problems and problems of AKP Malatya Deputy Öz'de Öndeş, also found solutions to problems.
Malatya's yönelik High Speed ​​Train N project, which includes the introduction of the investment program, pre-high-speed train related to 2023 have a study. We, as Malatians and railroads, make the effort to get the fast train to Malatya before 2023. We have a request for this. We are not demanding a high-speed train from Malatya to Sivas, but we are demanding the arrival of a high-speed train over Kayseri. Sivas

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