EU Seeks Liberalization of Railway Transport

Monika Heiming
Monika Heiming

The European Commission has made a series of proposals for the liberalization of railway services. The aim is to increase competition with the entry of new operators into the market. Siim Kalas, European Commissioner for Transport, said at a press conference at the European Commission that infrastructure and train management should be separated.

Siim Kallas expressed that the EU's Fourth Railway Package is quite harsh and said that they have found satisfactory solutions with those who want the market to open more.

Monika Heiming, director of the European Railways Agency, commented:

“It is an important step especially for infrastructure managers in the private sector because we will strengthen our power. We will have more work and responsibility, and we will find the necessary resources for our activities. "
Railways are seen as the most advantageous way to overcome the traffic density on highways. Some complain about some problems:

“In our country, we see that this distinction has been made since 2005. We have seen that the quality of service has deteriorated since 2005. There are many problems in communication, not everyone accepts responsibility, there are problems in decision-making stages. The time lost is at the expense of the traveler. ”

The European Commission's proposals are expected to be reviewed by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union in the coming months.



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