The largest ski resort in the Black Sea will be completed in October

Ordu's Kabadüz District Governor Engin Avcı said, “Our Çambaşı Winter Sports Ski Center will be finished by October of this year.

"We have finished the 2012-2013 ski season due to the start of the ski center construction," he said.

When completed, Turkey will be among the first five and the Black Sea resort which will be the largest ski resort due to begin construction of the Çambaşı Ski 2012-2013 ski season was finished last. Kabadüz District Governor Engin Avcı said that Çambaşı Winter Sports Ski Center will be completed by October of this year. Reminding that the tender was held last year, District Governor Avcı said, “We also delivered the site for the tender. The company that won the tender made a petition that it wanted to finish this job earlier and shortened the 600-day completion period. It committed to bring it to the end of this year. Within this, the NAS Company offered us to hand over the area completely to them as soon as possible. We found these requests appropriate in terms of catching up the facility for the next winter season. For this reason, we had to close the ski season one and a half months early. Since it is a construction business, we need to be cautious and take security measures. For this reason, we are finishing the 2012-2013 ski season, ”he said.

Stating that the facility will be among the top five resorts in the country when it is completed, Avcı said, “The ski season was beneficial for us this year. We've seen that even only five percent of the people show a very serious interest in it. There were serious ones. We hosted thousands of ski lovers only in our bayblift system and temporary administrative building. This data we obtained shows that. "When this center is completely finished, it shows that there is a serious potential here."

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