3 alternative to canceled bridge privatization tender

3 alternative to canceled bridge privatization tender
A new study on the tender for the sale of bridges and highways canceled in accordance with the decision of the Privatization Supreme Council (ÖYK) was initiated.
Acting on the instructions of Prime Minister Erdogan, the administration of the economy, the privatization of bridges and highways, 'block sales' also took the methods outside. Accordingly, the methods studied are as follows:
BLOK SALES: Improvements in specifications include the resale of bridges and highways.
PUBLIC RESOURCES: From the Gulf countries, there is intense interest in bridges and highways. For this reason, it is planned to convert bridges and highways into a package and to offer a part of their shares to the public. Rent certificates for bridges and highways are also on the agenda.
SECTORAL SALES: The bridges and highways, which are offered in one package, will be divided into more than one package. In this package, the packages that will be created by combining a profitable business owner can be sold to more than one investor. Thus, competition in the sector will come.

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