2 Skiers Lost in Kartalkayada Lost Sheets


Two vacationers disappeared after skiing in BOLU Kartalkaya. The holidaymakers who reported the numbers on the signs placed by the Gendarmerie against the disappearance were found 15 kilometers from the hotels. Gendarmerie offered tea to vacationers.

While the weekend was filled with vacationers in Kartalkaya, two vacationers disappeared in a row today. First, at around 14.00:32, 15-year-old Umut Serden Çetin, who got off the tracks while skiing, disappeared. Umut Serden Çetin asked the gendarmerie. The gendarmerie asked Umut Serden Çetin to find the plates they put in the area where they disappeared and tell them the number written on them. Kartalkaya Gendarmerie Search and Rescue team found the location after Çetin reported the number and found it in Kındıra Tokkaya, XNUMX kilometers from the area where the hotels are located.

Ercan Laçin, 15.00, who got off the tracks while skiing at around 36:2, also disappeared. Ercan Laçin was found about XNUMX hours later at Kındıra Tokkaya. Gendarmerie offered tea to vacationers. The two vacationers in good health went to the hotels where they were staying.

Source: today

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