Yusuf Sünbül: Personnel Management and Human Resources

Personnel Management and Human Resources: As the employment of the Public and Private Sector, the number of employees is important, as well as the contribution of the employees to the workforce and production, and as the effect of this power increases, the increase in production and sector potential determines how much the desired targets have been achieved.
It is very important to employ qualified personnel as well as the number of employees of a sector. Although it is difficult to find qualified technical personnel that we call ın ARA ELEMAN ara in today's conditions, the proliferation of vocational high schools and vocational high schools will ensure that the employment of technical personnel, which is the power of production, can be made more comfortable. The most effective elements of the production potential of the elements.
Although many large companies have a large number of employees, they are not able to hold the personnel due to the mistakes in the management practices, leading to a decrease in production and a decrease in the quality of production.
A manager can be a very good Engineer, a very good technical person or a specialist, but it doesn't mean that he has a very good manager, and that management is achieved through a skill and the application of the science of Human Behavior. When you do not respond to your labor, both the determination and the labor force will be reduced.
One of the reasons why many companies or public institutions, which are now fixed by examples, is not getting enough out of their staff by giving high wages, is such management weaknesses. in a place where it cannot provide peace and justice, it is not possible to speak of success and production.
Administrative and human resources units take important steps in this direction and develop social activities in addition to production by giving social services to their employees, and also aim to keep the motivation at the upper levels and to make a kind of promotion and advertisement. The application of this unifying elements on the staff will provide the success of the application and the richness of quality production.
In addition to economic reasons, it is seen that there are reasons such as not being able to contribute to the production of the personnel, not to maintain the mental and physical health of the personnel, not to leave any time for their social lives, or even to give the equivalent of their labor for their production.
Here in the business world, it should be remembered how effective the importance to be given to HUMAN should be ensured, all kinds of peace and labor of the employees should be provided, practices such as increasing the production by increasing the shift with low staff should not be applied.
Employees who are loved by a good Manager Employee, who adopts an administration style that deserves to be respected. Employees who feel that it is important to be more beneficial to the sector and will have to work more willingly.
I wish to have a Peaceful and Efficient work with everyone.

Source: Yusuf SÜNBÜL

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