You can eat a penalty at any moment

The first cameras are installed, the X speed aisle yerleştiril system is started instead of “mobile radar u in E-5. With the system that calculates the speed by measuring the transition time between two points, the ones that exceed the 70 limit will be detected and the penalty will be cut.
The speed corridor system, which has been piloted in Ataköy coastal road and Bağdat Street, is starting to be implemented in E-5. In the system in question, those who exceed the average speed between the two points will be fined. The first cameras of the EDS system were installed in Bahçelievler and İncirli on the E-5 Highway. The system will be used not only for fines, but also for detecting traffic density beforehand.
In this system, called the speed corridor, the cameras placed at two different points calculate the entry and exit speed of the vehicle, then the average speed is measured by measuring the distance between them and the transition time. Vehicles with an average speed exceeding 70 are fined. The speed corridor application was implemented in Ataköy coastal road, Bağdat Street and Sarıyer Çayırbaşı, which were selected as pilot areas in Istanbul. The speed corridor system was also activated in Kâğıthane and Dolmabahçe tunnels. The system will work in E-5 as in other streets. The entry and exit speeds of the vehicle from two different points will be calculated and the driver who exceeds a certain average will be fined.
With the activation of this system, drivers will be able to go more carefully at E-5, where fatal accidents due to excessive speed have been experienced and speed control is currently carried out with mobile radars. Cameras, which are currently in the testing phase, have begun to be placed in certain parts of the E-5. Since the EDS system will work as a corridor rather than point-to-point, it will control the general. Drivers exceeding 5 on average in E-70 will be detected and punished by video. The further the driver passes the specified speed limit, the higher his penalty. For example, if the speed limit is given as 50, 55-65 TL will be fined 154 TL, 65 TL when it exceeds 319, 70 TL between 78-91 and 154 TL when the speed limit is set as 91. In addition to the increased safety as a result of the reduction of speed limits, an increase in traffic flows on roads operating close to their capacity and a decrease in congestion and delays will also be achieved.

Source: HaberTürk



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