YHT Vip Card Winners Announced

YHT Vip Card Winners Announced
The 'VIP Card Campaign' organized by TCDD between 15 October and 15 December 2012 was concluded in order to determine the passenger portfolio and increase the interest in High Speed ​​Trains (YHT). The official web page of TCDD, the names of the main and reserve winners determined by the commission created by the draw. http://www.tcdd.gov.tr Published at. The names, registration numbers and cities of the main and reserve winners who won a VIP Card that will be valid in YHT in 2013 are as follows:
1- 62753 Ibrahim SAVUR (Eskisehir)
2-73267 Unal KOÇ (Ankara)
3- 458183 Tufan KARA (Eskisehir)
4- 1000535 Erdinc KAYA (Konya)
5- 1001074 Asli OK (Konya)
1- 20701 Atilla BOLTÜRK (Eskişehir)
2- 282247 Mustafa COŞKUN (Ankara)
3- 647919 by Hakan KOÇAK (Konya)
4- 1000137 Kerim SEVİM (Ankara)
5- 1000382 Hülya HORASAN (Ankara)
The winners of the VIP Card will be able to apply to the Office of Passenger and get their cards with the drawing certificate and ID card until the 31 JANUARY 2013 date. The right of those who do not receive their cards until this date will be redundant. 01 FEBRUARY 2013 will be published on the TCDD website. In the event that no application is made until 15 FEBRUARY, the winners will lose their rights.

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