YHT quarry report came to the Provincial Assembly

YHT quarry report came to the Provincial Assembly
In the Provincial Assembly, the city public opinion has been discussed since the days came to the agenda in Maşukiye. The President of the Environment and Health Commission, Kadir Gürkan, read the commission report including the situation determination. Provincial General Assembly meeting from Yanikkoy 3 people and the Provincial Director of the CHP Nejat Bayhan also followed.
In order to meet the need for filler material in the infrastructure of YHT Project, Kadir Gürkan stated that a request for raw material production permit has been made for the N Raw Material (limestone) Quarry and Crushing-Screening Plant üretim which is planned to be operated in 15.32 hectare within the borders of Maşukiye Soğuksu Neighborhood. After the completion of the EIA process of requesting this field, the application will be applied to the Special Provincial Administration to obtain the GSM license, said that there was no mining activity at the moment. Gürkan gave information about the naturalistic quarry sites of Raşit World in the Paşasuyu district of Sepetçi Village.
Fahim Kılıç, the General Assembly Speaker of the Provincial Assembly, stated that the commission has made the current situation. I saw the sincerity of our governor, MPs, Mayor, political party officials. Val
Gürkan's explanations were not satisfactory, the CHP's Mehmet Kaçar, expressed his reaction, made an important speech to be noted in history. Kaçar stated that they wanted the YHT Project to be done without harming the nature from Edirne to Kars. Veril There is a stream bed in the area of ​​approximately 160. It is certain that tons of dynamite will detonate the environment. Will the fish in the creek remain in the oysters, residential areas of the vineyard-garden is not damaged? Who can say that it won't harm the environment. Çevre
The governor will go from this city, but the people will continue to live in the same area, said Mehmet Kaçar, said:
. - We will give 10, 20, 40 after years of account. It is the Provincial Assembly which should have a say. I'm waiting for it to come back from the wrong. Let's see which quarry has been reinstated. Don't be fooled by this city. I'm going to tell you all this time that the city's executives are working to make the contractor's job easier. The Sakarya Administrative Court decided to stop the execution for the quarry at a distance of 200 meters. Being a stream bed, close to the settlement area, did not allow the lake water and the environment due to its damage. In the specification regarding the YHT tender, there is no article to be taken from Maşukiye. Outside of Maşukiye, 11 has the name of the quarry İ
Ahmet Uzun from CHP, who said his reactions from the first day, said, Ahmet This work started to taste pumpkin. University, Civil Society Organizations, the people of the region do not want. Two people who want to be the Governor and Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality. We let them out, we promised someone we'll let him. There is imposition, what interests the interests of the public if there are relations of interest. '' He said.
Kadir Gürkan, who responded to the criticism of the Qajar, said that the place where the stone will be taken is above the stream bed and that the area is minimized so that it does not coincide with the stream bed.

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