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YHT will crush Izmit
For the first time in the world, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) road is not built in our city. YHT not made our city for the first time in Turkey.
But it seems that the city that is the most destructed and most destructed city will be our city.
The YHT contractor breaks the water pipes and telephone cables every day as if making fun of this city. The neighborhoods where the new roads built for YHT pass through are divided and remain in mud. The roads are broken. Quarries are established in the regions of our city full of natural beauties and expected to become a tourism paradise in the future. Now, for YHT, one of the most important bridges of Izmit to reach the beach and Seka Park is demolished.
Because the authorities of our city always say:
Ir YHT project is a national project. It is the project of the country. Will be given what is desired. Everything done to YHT is right, it is true. Y
Now we understand much better that this railway should have passed through the north of the city. Izmit has already gone through the train for over 100 years, it has been folded. YHT is coming now. Next to it is a load line, a suburban line. YHT is always passed through tunnels, viaducts and empty lands all over the world and in other parts of our country. They build bridges between islands in Japan, they build tunnels under the sea.
Only in our city, they pass the train route from the easiest and cheapest place. If they sit down and calculate. How much more would this YHT road pass through the north of the city and provide integrity with the new Northern Marmara Motorway? They would find plenty of quarries on the route. On that route, the water pipe would not burst, the roads would not be damaged, the bridges would not collapse.
You see, when the trains start working on the three-track railway. Loads of containers will come, they will go. Garlara people and cargo will be carried. Garda will go to ports, logistics centers. They'il all go through the city.
In short, this CRT will crush our city.

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