YHT railway construction continues to break down

YHT railway construction continues to break down KOcaeli
The construction of the new railway for High Speed ​​Train (YHT) continues to break down. Within the scope of the YHT road works, the destruction of the bridge that passes through Acısu Town and which is connected to Büyük Derbent has started. While the demolition work of the bridge was continuing, the service side opened to prevent transportation from being interrupted.
Authorities, after the collapse of Derbent Bridge made years ago, announced that instead of a larger, more modern bridge will be made. On the one hand on Sapanca Road, construction continues to renew the Suadiye Bridge Interchange. The fact that the Derbent Bridge will be renewed is, of course, good news for the region. However, the speed of these studies in our city, especially in the summer months, when the new bridges will be completed in the middle of the new questions are also important questions.

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