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YHT Construction Destroys Seka Bridge
The high speed train brought about by the High Speed ​​Train brings new problems. The bridge behind the Seka State Hospital, which also crosses the D-100 highway and Sekapark, is now collapsing along the roads, demolished and expropriated areas covered by the construction of the YHT.
The bridge, which is located directly behind the Seka State Hospital, parallel to the Borusan Mannesmann Izmit plant next to the former Seka lodgings, was the only point in the area that provided access over the railway. The feet of the bridge damaged after the earthquake, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality by the cost of thousands of pounds was renewed, bridge feet were consolidated. Bridge did not give enough height on the YHT route began to collapse yesterday morning.
High Speed ​​Train Contractor yesterday morning, began the destruction of the bridge interchange. The bridge is off. This way, from Sekiz and Sekapark, from D-100 to Sekapark
It was an important point to connect to the D-100. Now, the central transportation point to Sekapark side was the return from Acibadem Hospital, down the road from the Carrefor Bridge and the descent to the marina area next to Seka Mosque in front of the Army House. No explanation has been made as to whether the TCDD will replace this destroyed bridge.
Izmit, the high-speed train is not much more than the blessing of the train for now. The discussions started with the stone quarry, after the demolition and expropriation of the works on the route; yesterday's bridge to the Sekapark'a connecting to the Seka State Hospital in Izmit after the break for the YHT did not provide enough height. It is not known whether a new bridge will be built here later, but this bridge was one of the important points that provided access to the Sekapark side of İzmit.

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