World's second subway Tunnel 138 years old

World's second subway Tunnel 138 years old
After London, the world's second subway, Tunel, 138. Celebrating the year. The 573 meter, two-station Tunnel, which operates between Karaköy and Beyoğlu, serves 12 thousand passengers daily.
Tünel, the second subway station of the world, opened 12 years after the London subway (1863), this year 138. celebrating his age. 17 On January 1875, the wooden wagon and steam tunnel, which was opened to service with the participation of many local and foreign guests, was made electrified in 1971. The 573 distance between Karaköy and Beyoğlu takes 90 per second. IETT 's brand value and the historical structure of the tunnel is carefully protected due to its historical structure, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly period is taken care. IETT, bus times between the two points in order not to be a bus passengers.
Turkey's first build-operate model
The construction of the historic Tünel, the world's second subway, begins with the initiative of French engineer Eugene Henri Gavand. Gavand, who came to Istanbul as a tourist, prepares a railway project that will connect Pera, the heart of the social life, with Galata, the commercial and banking center of the period, and the presence of Sultan Abdülaziz Han. Tunnel, whose operating period is determined as 42 year, is built with build-operate-transfer model and opened in January of 1875. When Tünel, which operates with a steam system, starts the expedition, the wooden wagons with two sides open are illuminated by gas lamps as there is no electricity. In the years of the Second World War, some of the materials are not separated from their passengers for a while. In 1971 it is completely renewed and electrified. The 573 meters distance between Karaköy and Beyoğlu is doubled by 90 in seconds.
• At that time Galata and Pera; Tünel, connecting the Karaköy and Beyoğlu with its present name, connects the shortest road to the city.
• In the Tünel, which operates with a funicular system, two wagons move in the middle. This means zero accident risk. Each carriage with an 18 seat receives 170 passengers at one time.
• There are two stations, Karaköy and Beyoğlu, and tourists who do not know this situation or who use the line for the first time can experience a surprise from time to time.
• Tunnel is open on weekdays including Saturday between 07: 00 - 22: 45. On Sundays only the first time starts at 07: 30.
• In Tünel, the waiting time of passengers at the station is 3,5 minutes, the operating speed is 6,5 meters per second. Since November 2011, live music is performed at the Karaköy station of Tünel in the evening.
• Xnumx electrical maintenance master, 6 machine maintenance supervisor, 1 electrical maintenance supervisor, 1 repairman-operator, 9 auxiliary operator, 3 cleaning officer and total 3 person are working in Tünel. The chief operating officer of Tunel is Mr. At the same time, IETT is the only female chief of business.
• IETT, which takes great care of Tünel, does its maintenance and repair with precision. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance are carried out without interruption. For this reason, masters working in Tünel have been working in the same unit for many years. 45 is the electrical maintenance supervisor and 36 is the machine maintenance supervisor.
• Tunnel's gallery width is 6.6, while height is 4.60 meter.
• Tunnel was named with various names such as Istanbul Tunnel, Galata-Pera Tunnel, Galata Tunnel, Galata-Pera Underground Train, Istanbul City Train, Underground Lift, Tahtelarz.
• In addition to the rails, the historic Tunnel with a guide wheel in the wagons is located in Haifa, Israel.
• Taksim, which was opened on June 131, 29, 2006 years after the tunnel.Kabataş The funicular is described as the brother of Tünel.
• Tunnel specification of the Ottoman Government 21. In the article, it is obligatory to install fumigors on steam machines and it is an indication of sensitivity to environmental cleaning.

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