Karabük will be the center of rail systems

Karabük will be the center of rail systems
With the cooperation of Karabük, TCDD, KBU and KARDEMİR, investments in production, tests and training will become the center of rail systems…
Karabük, Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Karabük University (KBU) and Karabük Iron and Steel Works (Kardemir) production in co-operation tests and will be the center of the rail with the investments made in the education system.
KARDEMİR general manager Fadil Demirel, the AA correspondent, Turkey's Kardemir, and Middle East markets, he said it repeatedly stating that proved to create a leader in rail production in the Balkans.
Demirel emphasized that the existing infrastructure of Karabük is strong enough to be a valley about rail systems and they started working to realize this. With this investment, we renewed our technology and switched to UIC 60 and 72 meters high speed rail production. We meet the rail needs of TCDD and market to some countries. We do not compromise on quality rail production. Turkey and the region produces the best runners in KARDEMİR. As a factory, we established the Çankırı Scissor Factory in partnership with TCDD and Voestalpine. Here, the scissors used on the high-speed train tracks are produced. ”
-Raylı Systems Engineering-
Emphasizing that KARDEMİR and KBU offer the best example of industry-university cooperation and many projects have been implemented in this context, Demirel continued as follows:
"We opened the Rail Systems Engineering department found in any university in Turkey. Here we started to train engineers on rail systems. Turkey's first railway systems engineer candidates, training will see in 5 years, infrastructure, geology, soil mechanics, structure types, static and strength, rails, superstructure, basic machine components, rail car mechanics-dynamics, basic production techniques, railway materials will specialize in mechanical vibrations, signaling and control systems. ”
-Test Center-
Again, in cooperation with KBU Iron Steel Institute project started and they have come a great way that expresses Demirel, continued:
“The tests of the rails produced in our country were carried out in other countries. So you produce the rail and send it abroad for testing. Here you pay for the money by giving money. If there is going to be a valley in Karabük rail systems, we had to avoid this. The iron and steel institute, the construction of which started in the KBU campus area, is about to be completed. Its building is over. Thanks to this institute, the tests and analyzes needed by the industry will be carried out in our country. Rail systems will be installed in an area of ​​3 kilometers to conduct tests. Railways will be built. When completed, all developments and future of the sector will be monitored by the institute. In addition, the necessary scientific environment will be provided for researches on the effective and efficient use of domestic raw materials and ores. ”
-Wagon Production-
the development of new technologies for iron and steel production in Turkey and the world of the target and underlines that increasing the product quality Demirel said, "We are producing the rails of the rail system, we provide the training, we are doing the test, we're doing scientific research. In addition to these, we have to produce the wagons that our country needs. We will manufacture wagons with the investments we will make. Besides the wagon, the wheels will also be produced. ”

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