Uludag Needs Authority, Not Money

Countdown has begun for Uludag Ultra Marathon
Countdown has begun for Uludag Ultra Marathon

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe emphasized that the steps they took to make their investments in the Uludağ Ski Center by the metropolitan were stuck with procedures and obstacles.

Altepe said, “Nothing could be done for 10 months because the plans were stopped. Re-plans were created. We made the necessary applications to the Ministry about Uludağ, but we lost last year.” said.

Mayor Altepe, who participated in the program broadcast on AS TV, said that Uludağ should be connected to the Metropolitan Municipality in terms of producing services and investments. Noting that the money changer will know the value of gold and that they know the value of Uludağ themselves, Mayor Altepe said, “Uludağ is a place with a real capacity. It is a place that can receive 11,5 meters of snow per year and has more than 30 facilities. If you add up the ski centers in Turkey today, Uludag does not count in terms of opportunities. The best management is decentralization. We applied for the job for him and we set out to realize the investments here. Uludağ's potential can reach desired levels by being integrated with Bursa. Deposit 1 here and get 10. If one-tenth of the 700 million TL investment made in Erzurum were made in Uludağ, believe me, both Bursa and Turkey would make huge profits from this.”

Stating that they both stuck to the procedures and faced obstacles from some non-governmental organizations in the steps they took to make the infrastructure and superstructure investments in Uludağ by the metropolitan municipality, Mayor Altepe stated that nothing could be done for 10 months because the plans were stopped. Stating that plans were created again and revised studies were approved after the obstacles encountered, Mayor Altepe said: “We made the necessary applications to the Ministry about Uludağ, but we lost last year. However, there are investments that need to be made urgently, such as a parking lot and the creation of infrastructure for daily visitors to Uludağ. If we had not encountered obstacles, if the authority had been given to us completely, we would have followed the case and concluded it in a very short time. Now it's up to the next summer and winter months. Hopefully, we will reach the result without encountering any serious obstacles.”

Emphasizing that the transfer of the authorities regarding Uludağ to the Metropolitan Municipality has the aim of 'to fully own the business', Mayor Altepe said, “As Uludağ is a district of Bursa, it is connected to the Metropolitan, just as we eliminate all the deficiencies of the neighborhoods in the center, all the services needed in Uludağ. will be done immediately. The Metropolitan Municipality is really a great opportunity at the point of making the investments that Uludağ needs. We can produce the services and investments we want through our own budget and the companies we own. The state has no such opportunity. What needs to be done here by the central administration is to make a plan, delegate the authority and control it. If these had been done, perhaps all the work would have been finished by now. Because we, as the Metropolitan Municipality, have the opportunity to organize this place in a short time. This place needs to function in the best way by structuring the ski areas, creating new ski areas and establishing the infrastructure as a whole.” he said.

Stating that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they did not stop despite encountering obstacles, they started to work on infrastructure and progressed rapidly, Mayor Altepe stated that they have already applied as a city to take the international events planned 8-10 years later. Stating that he knows very well what the contribution of the additional thousand tourists who come to Bursa, as the child of a tradesman family, is to the city, and that he cannot even imagine the contribution of international events to Uludağ, Mayor Altepe said, “If we prepare Uludağ well for the future, not only for winter but also for summer activities. If we plan, we can make very serious contributions to our city by attracting many international organizations here. Because one or two arrangements to be made here will be enough to attract the attention of the whole world. With 7 crater lakes, over 100 monasteries, plateaus, valleys and waterfalls, it has dozens of points that we can bring to tourism. There are such beautiful views that it is impossible to find anywhere else. Moreover, it is right next to a qualified city like Bursa. Very nice and interesting organizations can be held here. There is no reason why people should not come and contribute to the economy.” he said.

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