TÜVASAŞ will produce 160 Km Speeding Domestic Train Set


TÜVASAŞ will produce 160 Km Speed ​​Train Set Indigenous Author: engaged in production in Sakarya, Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ), capable of 160 mph diesel and electric train set to sell local goods producing states of the Middle East countries and Turkey.

Entering the European Union with luxury bed wagons produced in Bulgaria, TÜVASAŞ has rolled up its sleeves to expand its export market. Turkey's largest 500 industrial companies located between the companies, with domestic diesel and electric train sets will be open to the world will produce.

TÜVASAŞ will produce a domestic product train set within the scope of the joint project with TÜBİTAK

Stating that they can easily sell diesel and electric train sets that speed 160 kilometers to the world, İnal; “We will create a brand new Turkish made set in the project. Project work on the new product continues. Diesel and electric sets are more in demand. There is demand from the Middle East and Turkish states. Recently, there has been an initiative regarding Kazakhstan. They also came from Ukraine, Bangladesh. We can also sell it to Europe. We have achieved those norms. We produce in European standards. We are able to sell to any country. " he spoke.

Stating that the delivery of 32 luxury passenger wagons with 370 million 30 thousand euros for the Bulgarian Railways was made and the acceptance process is continuing, İnal said; “There are 14 wagon orders from Iraq. Project studies and production of these continue. We will complete and deliver by the end of the year. We make a certain part of the Marmaray vehicles. We produced 49 Marmaray vehicles in partnership with EUROTEM. We delivered 12 diesel train sets for our main customer, TCDD.

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