Tülomsaşın Kelepir Receives Response from the Medical Chamber

Tülomsaşın Kelepir Receives Response from the Medical Chamber
Tendering physician recruiting period ... Eskisehir based TULOMSAS company by signing a policy in Turkey, the doctor came out to tender ... engine on your site, that puts the doctor declared him the pump and paint ad companies 'Who will work with him if he wants to minimum wage'
Erzurum Güncel- located in Eskisehir Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Corporation (TÜLOMSAŞ) has opened an interesting auction. The company has published a tender notice for the recruitment of two occupational physicians who will work full time in the institution. On the company's website, under the title of "tenders to be made", tender announcements such as bearing, locomotive material, pump, assembly work, paint were also included in the "Workplace doctor" tender. TÜLOMSAŞ published the announcement and specifications for the tender to be held on February 1 on its website on January 9. Accordingly, workplace physicians who will be recruited through tender will work full time. The physician who offers the best price will be hired. Foreign doctors will not be able to participate in the tender.
The Turkish Medical Association (TTB) reacted to the 'TENDER' method to recruit doctors. TTB Secretary General Bayazıt İlhan told AKŞAM, 'Not only physicians, but nobody should be recruited by such a method. Along with the pump, motor tender, human tender is held. One such application is the first of it's happening, but it will continue in Turkey. Because the Labor and Worker Health and Safety Law of the Ministry of Labor allows this. Physicians will now be recruited by tender method through subcontractors. However, how can a workplace doctor working under these conditions protect worker health in the workplace? Workplace Physicians have turned into salaried prescribers. Work and work health is not possible in this state 'he said.
Pass the exam
With the new law, the number of enterprises with occupational safety specialists and occupational physicians is 1.2 million. The graduates of schools such as engineering, architecture and occupational safety vocational schools can be occupational safety specialists by taking training and taking the exam.
He created 'Revolution' in the domestic automobile
The establishment of TÜLOMSAŞ, whose history dates back to the Ottomans, begins with the construction of the railway connecting Haydarpaşa to Baghdad. TÜLOMSAŞ's foundation was laid with the 'Anatolian-Ottoman Company', which was established by the Germans in 1894 and aimed to meet the need for steam locomotive and wagon repairs of the Anatolian-Baghdad railway. The contractor also Turkey's first domestic manufacturer of automobiles that car revolution.
120 needs thousand experts
TURKEY Safety Professionals and Business Doctors Community (TÜİSAG) President Levent Kavlak January 1, 2013 entered into force in the new study of law with 50 people under the business also included work safety specialists and occupational physicians of the obligation to come and therefore about 120,000 specialist He said it would be needed. Kavlak stated that 98 percent of occupational accidents occur in businesses with 10 to 50 employees.

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