Tram will destroy the Prolifers Viaduct

Tram will destroy the Prolifers Viaduct
President Altepe gave the final decision for the Çatalfırın Viaduct, which is a problem-solving problem when it is done, but now it is blocked by traffic. Altepe, said the viaduct will be disassembled when the tram starts to work Alt
Readers of these columns know mak When Cumhuriyet Caddesi was closed to vehicles, traffic from Şehreküstü Square to Haşim İşcan and Fevzi Çakmak streets were swollen.
We are not a technical man, but based on our observations, we suggested the removal of Çatalfırın Viaduct.
Both Haşim İşcan and the vehicles from Fevzi Çakmak were squeezing into Şehreküstü Square as if they had entered the funnel due to the road narrowed by the viaduct. They were going to the Sculpture and they were affected by the narrowing of the road.
Since there is no vehicle from Cumhuriyet Street in the new traffic order, there is no need for a viaduct that prevents the traffic coming from Şehreküstü and Altıparmak from crossing. When the viaduct was lifted, we suggested that the vehicles going to the direction of the sculpture could easily use the left side of the road.
This suggestion Bu
First, its members were often discussed in technical terms on the website.
After that…
Once again, we brought the suggestion once again when the construction of the tram line coming from Altiparmak Avenue was left in front of Çatalfırın Viaduct.
The critical point is:
If the viaduct exit is closed for tram construction, it is impossible for the vehicles coming from Şehreküstü to go to Sculpture direction.
Even if the construction is completed in a few days with very fast work, the tramway 5 will pass once in a minute and the viaduct output will be cut continuously and the traffic of Şehreküstü will become inaccessible.
In this view Bu
As in all matters related to Bursa, Necati Şahin, President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, gave technical support.
Then ...
By the Metropolitan Municipality In the Bursa Transportation Master Plan, which was prepared for Branner, it was revealed that the removal of the viaduct was foreseen.
We announced him in these columns.
Mayor Recep Altepe says that with the start of the tram, Çatalfırın Viaduct will lose its function and will be lifted.
When we open this discussion for the first time, a strange subject is about to be resolved.

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