Traffic Monster Stopped Bursaray

Traffic Monster Stopped Bursaray
On the eastern side of the city due to the rail system, there is a decrease of 34 in the area due to traffic accidents in the region.
Bursaray, one of the city's modern means of transportation, was also effective in digesting the traffic monster. 23, where trains were started in the traffic accidents in Bursa-Izmir and Mudanya Roads, was shown with the statistical information that decreased since 2002. The pedestrian accidents in the west of the city have been almost non-existent since the day of the rail system.
And as Bursaray's Kestel stage is now coming to an end, the rail system has already suppressed the monster on the eastern side, just like the western stage of the city. Before the construction works started on the Bursa-Ankara Road, there were a few pedestrian accidents every day.
Some of them resulted in injury, and others, unfortunately, with death. However, due to the construction works, a section of the road was closed, and in the places where the traffic was open, the train route prevented pedestrians from crossing in front of the accidents.
According to the data, in the 2011, a total of 103 accidents occurred, from the Duaçınarı to Kestel, where 319 was mortal and wounded. In 2012, the number of accidents on the same route decreased by 34. Accordingly, the number of fatal and wounded accidents in 2012 84'e the total number of accidents 211'e regressed.
2011 2012
103 84 18 reduction in mortal and wounded accident reduction
216 127 percent 41 reduction of property damaged accident
319 211 34 reduction of total number of accidents

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