Runways in Kandilli Ski Resort Prepared for the Season

Studies at Kandilli Ski Center continue to full throttle. The facility manager Mustafa Tenim and his team of 7 people, after an intensive work through Artificial Snowplow System, provided three ski slopes for skiing.

Kandilli Skiing and Biathlon Track, which were held within the scope of the 2011 World Universities Winter Games, were made ready with an artificial snow system. Facility Manager Mustafa Tenim said, "We made these tracks ready with an artificial snow system with the support of our Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Fatih Çintimar". It is 3.750 kilometers in Kandilli Ski Center. There are three ski runs, 2.5 kilometers and 5 kilometers.


Students from Kandilli and Ashkali started to take courses in cross-country running and biathlon on the ski slopes in Kandilli Ski Center, which was made ready with the artificial snow system. The students here are taught cross-country running and biathlon, and the athletes who will represent the national team in the future are trained. Students are preparing intensely these days to become a great skier in the future.

Source: News

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