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I want my movement to move

DERNEKPAZARI Eyüp Güney, a retired teacher from the residents of Merkez Mah. Noting that their children and grandchildren are not interested in the problem, Güney said, bir The other day I watched a funeral at the ropeway. The governor made the road construction. I also want to take the funeral of my way to the cable car. I am also a will. I want my act to be carried on a ropeway. Maybe that's the way to the neighborhood, Belki he said.

Eyüp teacher, who has been serving as a teacher for many years, said, “I have devoted many years to many years. In my youth, I was able to walk and walk down these roads. The age has progressed. About four years ago, our house was built. When the municipal administration changed, we were left half way. The road was built, but a small bridge was needed in the stream. Years passed by the road was forested, my grandchildren have passed the size but do not interested. I watched the news the other day the funeral of the citizen was put on the ropeway, the construction of the road was provided by the governor. Or my funeral will be put on the cable car will be my way. And I am a will to my children. My move will be carried by cable car. Then maybe I can't see the road, but my grandchildren will benefit. I have to go every day on the 200 steep ramp every day. I also have a ropeway. Moreover, the 3-4 will go to the house more Kal.

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