President Altepeden Bursaraya Scrap Wagon Response

President Altepeden Bursaraya Scrap Wagon Response
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe responded to the claims of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch to buy a scrap wagon.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe responded to the claims of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch to buy a scrap wagon. Altepe said, “These vehicles are only to supplement the system at certain times. "These are not the carriers of the main system," he said.
The January council meeting of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was held under the chairmanship of Recep Altepe. Mayor Altepe gave the latest information about the work of the municipality. Stating that the Kestel road, which was disrupted due to the light rail system, will be opened until the end of this month, Altepe said that 300 minibuses have turned into a taxi so far.
MHP Group SözcüSü Mehmet Temirtaş, stating that the private public bus issue is a reality of Bursa, “They say that there is unfair competition in sharing. A compromise should be found in this matter. There is a lot of information pollution on the agenda. They say we will switch to ticketed system on January 20. This issue must be resolved, ”he said.
Evaluating the claims of İbrahim Mart, Head of the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, that 8 wagons of 30 years will be purchased from the Rotterdam subway of the Netherlands as scrap for the new 24-kilometer stage of BursaRay, President Altepe said, “These vehicles will be purchased only to reinforce the system at certain times. These are not the carriers of the main system. We increased the number of wagons from 48 to 78. We have to run this system. We increased the number of wagons by 70 percent. The cost of these is 250 trillion money. It is not that easy to do these, ”he said.
Mayor Altepe, who also made statements about the problem with private public bus drivers, stated that the Metropolitan Municipality is struggling to operate the transportation system of this city. Stating that they invest 300 million TL a year with the means of Bursa, Altepe said, “We bring the east and west of the city together with the metro, we modernize the buses, but this does not happen with private public buses. Unfortunately, even municipalities cannot do these. We also build the subway and the tram. Currently the most advanced system is in Bursa. What will happen to the private sector? There is no such thing that everything will last for a lifetime. There were horse carriages on Cumhuriyet Avenue 15 years ago. Is there now? Everything is in transformation, ”he said.
Altepe continued:
“After this much transportation investment, the systems normally need to be integrated. Why was privatization done? By handing over the transportation damaged by the municipality, the municipality was getting a share from this. Currently this is happening in small-scale cities. But you cannot do this in Bursa. Here we have to carry the passenger slowly. We have to lay the rail systems. These were beneficial to us that day. What are we doing now? We gave up on earnings. Here the rate is also decreasing. "
Stating that the metro systems are completely full now, Altepe said, “When we arrived, the rail was carrying 120 thousand people. Now it carries 240 thousand. We cannot suddenly transform anyway. There will be 340 thousand passengers on the Kestel line. Our people want a yellow bus. Why does he want it? You also need to know them. The share of public buses is 27,5 percent. Now we're 72, 5. We have to do this. Izmir did this. Now the snow is falling. Nobody can advocate for fat burning here. "We will put quality buses here," he said.
Stating that Bursa light rail system is better than London metro line, Altepe said, “Go see the world metro lines? I do not use the subway in London. It's like going into a cemetery. The subway is at the bottom of the ground. Let's leave it to our financial situation. Let's take a look at our city. Everyone will eat their bread. We are not able to pay anyone out of our pocket. Although we are above our account, we cannot work. We say to them, 'Let's give 5 thousand TL per vehicle. Bring your vehicle, we will run it. Are you a driver? Sit down, drive. Let's also give your salary. We do everything. If they have any other offer, let them tell you? We have nothing else to do. We don't do it to make money. We want to solve the problems ”he said.
Saying that the decisions about private public buses were not given by Burulaş, Altepe said:
Nervous does not do anything. These decisions are made by UKOME. UKOME has institutions such as governorship, highways and police. We implement the decisions made by them. A bus trip to Dağyenice is required. But private public buses say 'I will not go out, I will hurt you'. He will also go to Dağyenice. It is necessary to produce services. There is no system that solves these things better. We did not come here to distribute money. There are those who say we cannot see from the system. Everything is transparent. On Burulaş's website, you can see which bus carries how many passengers. We are not doing anything secret.

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