The most beautiful metrobus journey of my life

The most beautiful metrobus journey of my life: Hince hirsute metrobuste to find a place to hold a brunette lady almost embraced me. This way, the trip was pulled.
I live in Kadıköy, I work in Zincirlikuyu. I have to ride the metrobus every day. Even though it is difficult, the metrobus is an indispensable mass transit means for me. Because I don't expect to be caught up in traffic for hours, so I go to work on time and pay less for transportation. I've also looked at the profile of metrobus passengers for a long time, and I've made the following results.
First of all, passengers of Metrobus are more qualified than other bus and minibus passengers. Most doctors, lawyers, managers at work and qualified people. Men and women are well-kept, highly insightful. Let me explain this. Well, the metrobus is so rough. No matter how much you pay attention, you are touching someone in one way or another. Metrobus ladies are insightful about it. One of the metrobus men, especially young people, very respectful to women. If they are young ladies, they are more respectful, giving them the strongest places.
He didn't sound
I lived on Friday, I can not forget the memory of the BRT. I've barely got into Metrobus from Zincirlikuyu. The car was more crowded than usual. This is the first time I've been traveling so crowded. I couldn't breathe. I've suffered not traveling until I get to the bus stop. I was hoping he'd come down, but in vain. A couple of people got in there like they didn't descend. One of them was a woman in her 30 years, tall and dark. This big, flashy woman came to embrace me. Because he had no place to hold. I was holding up for the iron to the side. My head is on the chin. But he didn't sound like he didn't have any holdings. This journey I had a hard time before was pleasant with a fragrant perfume. We went like this until the Söğütlüçeşme stop.

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