TCDD Scandal

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TCDD scandal too! The cut of the overtime wages of the contracted personnel working in TCDD with the Budget Law revealed the "sad truth". It turned out that due to lack of personnel, the employees were made intensive overtime. Cancellations came up in train services. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who sent a letter to the Ministry of Finance and Transport, stated that the high-speed trains will be canceled if much work is not done.

TCDD Scandal

The budget of the Budget Code does not include the overtime hourly wage to be paid to the contracted personnel who are subject to the Decree Law No. 399 in the TCDD. Then, the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) issued an internal article and asked the staff not to work overtime. However, this situation also revealed the fact that intensive work overtime is being done in the services of educational workers.

5.500.000 hours overtime!

Karaman pointed out that the number of personnel has decreased from year to year due to reasons such as retirement, resignation and death. If there are not enough employees due to the lack of sufficient number of personnel to operate existing trains, passengers, freight and especially high-speed trains working in Ankara-Eskişehir-Konya line should be canceled. a section of the navigation services will cause the closure.
Karaman said, TL 2012 hours were overtime for 5.500.000 employees and 7.425.000 TL was paid to employees working under contractual status. Our 2012 personnel expenses are 787.932.000 TL and our overtime expenses cover a very small percentage of our total personnel expenses, such as 1. X

2 bin 350 additional staff

Karaman, 7 million 425 2 350 XNUMX XNUMX additional personnel will be needed if the overworked hours are paid by the minimum paid personnel instead of paying more than one thousand XNUMX thousand pounds.
Karaman said, UM Even if it is carried out by the staff with the minimum wage, the monthly cost of this workforce is 2.679.000 TL and the annual cost is 32.148.000 TL Kar.

Union response

Unified Transport Employees Union (BTS) Chairman Yavuz Demirkol, indicating that the need for 2 bin 350 personnel to perform the work without overtime, indicating that the need to work, UM This means that the 2 350 1.45 a person's business hours per person, such as an hour overtime 2 TL fee (which is also deducted from the tax). In some months the staff has XNUMX solid working staff in the normal working time. Bazı

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