TCDD Ankara YHT Gar Complex Photo (Special News)

First photographs of TCDD Ankara YHT Station Complex Rayhaber publishes. The appearance of the TCDD Ankara YHT Station Complex, whose tender was held on 09.01.2013, is a matter of great curiosity. Here is the first photo and the works to be done within the scope of the tender.
1 m2 closed area with building and facilities for high-speed train sets maintenance and inspection (including 46.000 and Level 2) maintenance, inspection and repair works. 290.000 m2 Infrastructure, superstructure, electrification, signaling and
a new railway pear line construction works will be held around the facility with telecommunication works.
Building and plant construction (steel and reinforced concrete), electrical and installation (HVAC) works, purchase and installation of mechanical equipment, railway infrastructure works (excavation, filling, floor improvement, field drainage) superstructure works (indoor and outdoor line and scissors) laying, signaling and telecommunication works (design, production, installation, commissioning, trial operation and maintenance of the signaling and telecommunication systems), electrification (transformer, catenary, rigid catenary, SCADA System) highway bridge construction and highway connections of the facility, parking, contracting and environmental regulations