Sivas Cumhuriyet University Raybüs project

Sivas Cumhuriyet University Raybüs project
Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport and Communication, Habib Soluk, who came to Sivas for various visits and examinations, Prof. Rector of Cumhuriyet University (CU). Dr. He visited Faruk Kocacık.
During the visit, Rector Kocacık said that they were looking for a solution with Mayor Doğan Ürgüp regarding the issue of the bridge on the TOKİ road, that they would find a solution in the spring and that the entrance and exit traffic of Cumhuriyet University would be more relieved with the road to be built. Kocacık stated that with the increase in the number of Cumhuriyet University students, the transportation problems increased,
He said that with the Cumhuriyet University Railbus project, which is on the agenda, the problems will be overcome and this will add value to Sivas and Cumhuriyet University. Rector Kocacık added that it is a late project regarding the Raybüs project and it must be brought to Sivas. Undersecretary Habib Soluk emphasized that Cumhuriyet University will come to much better places and drew attention to the importance of the University for Sivas, and that every service and project to be done is important for Sivas and the university. Soluk added that the Raybüs system related to the transportation problem has been examined by relevant friends and must be resolved. Habib Soluk also stated that they follow Cumhuriyet University closely and that solutions will be made with common ideas and opinions regarding the dormitory problem and other problems.
Highways 16. Regional Director Murat Elbir, Rector Advisor. Dr. Ertan Buyruk, Director of Credit Dormitories Orhan Önem was also present.

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