Suadiye Junction on Sapanca Road has been imposed on the HRP

Suadiye Junction on Sapanca Road has been imposed on the HRP
The construction of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) road passing through our city, opens up new problems every day. It has been learned that the construction of the Suadiye Interchange Junction on Sapanca Road on the 3 kilometer, which could not be converted into a double road for 9 years, was also stopped due to HRC.
The new Suadiye intersection on the Sapanca Road, which creates great danger, is being carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality with the contributions of the industrialists of the region. Contractor Hasko company, construction started last July. A section of the bridge was also built. However, DDY said, “The train will pass through here. I have to approve the project. Proj Three months ago construction stopped and the check is expected. If the DDY does not like the current project, the works will be demolished and a new project will be prepared.
Just like all the auctions of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Suadiye Junction was given 365 day. For three months, he has done nothing, he is expected to enjoy the DDY. And if the project changes, no one can predict how many years of junction will be completed in July.
The freak Suadiye Junction on Sapanca Road was replaced by a new one. However, DDY objected to the project prepared by the Highways. It has been construction for three months. DDY does not like the new project, if the train tracks the obstacle, so far will be demolished. Both very big time and millions of dollars will be wasted.

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